Stephen Dubeck CFI, LPC

Stephen Dubeck CFI, LPC
Corporate Security and eCommerce Fraud Prevention Manager
Petco Health and Wellness Co.
Stephen Dubeck is a retail industry expert with 18 years of experience in Loss Prevention, Corporate Security, and eCommerce Fraud Prevention. He has a proven track record of success, having been certified as a Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) and Loss Prevention Certified (LPC). Stephen is a dynamic and engaging speaker, known for his adaptability. He has been featured on the Today Show (NBC) and CBS Today (CBS) for pet related segments. Early in Stephen’s career he was a regular guest on “The Sunday Funnies” (WSVN) a former local children’s program in Miami. Stephen is passionate about Veterans’ matters and is dedicated to aiding Veterans transition to the civilian workplace. Stephen is a veteran of the US Army Reserve and served as a combat medic.

Speaking in:

June 5
3:45 pm4:30 pm
103, Level 1
Ecommerce and delivery fraud has many faces. Merchants battle friendly fraud and card testing schemes alongside refund abuse and porch piracy. With stats showing that 23 percent of total retail sales will be conducted online by 2027, companies are committed to exploring new technologies and new authentication processes that will tackle fraud from multiple angles.