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Individuals speaking at NRF PROTECT

NRF councils and committees

Connect and build relationships with other retail industry asset protection, loss prevention and cybersecurity experts through collaborative networking opportunities and groups designed to bring retail leaders together.

NRF’s councils and committees provide retail members with the latest insights, best practices and secure space to share challenges and solutions. Learn more about NRF councils and other member benefits here.

Individuals at NRF PROTECT

NRF loss prevention and cyber resources

  • NRF Loss Prevention Council

  • The Loss Prevention Council is an exclusive community for senior loss prevention executives to discuss common problems confronting the retail industry and share new ideas on product and program results to combat retail crime. Participation is by invitation only.
  • For more information on the LP Council, contact David Johnston.
  • NRF IT Security Council

  • The NRF IT Security Council is open to retail sector cybersecurity leaders and technical experts within NRF retail member companies. This forum provides retail security leads the opportunity to collaborate and exchange information and educate policymakers on combating data theft and breaches.
  • For more information on the NRF IT Security Council, contact Christian Beckner.
  • NRF Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Investigators’ Network

  • This group of more than 1,000 loss prevention professionals includes federal, state and local law enforcement officers. The network meets each year at NRF PROTECT and participates in programs like the ORC Investigators' Network Breakfast and Fusion Center. It also hosts quarterly conference calls and members attend various ORC association meetings across the country.
  • For more information on the NRF ORC/Investigators’ Network, please contact April O’Brien.
  • AI Working Group

  • Given the growing importance of artificial intelligence, NRF developed a members-only AI Working Group to facilitate policy and stakeholder engagement on the development of practices and guidelines for the use of AI within retail.
  • For more information on the AI Working Group, contact Christian Beckner.
  • Fraud Prevention Professionals Working Group

  • The NRF Fraud Prevention Professionals Working Group connects retail leaders to discuss their companies’ digital and in-store fraud prevention strategies and operations. This group raises awareness of retail fraud risks and their economic impacts to inform NRF’s policy stakeholders and consumers about them. This working group enhances the understanding of current fraud tactics and trends among NRF’s retail members, improving their ability to detect and prevent fraud risks. In addition, this group is focused on building broader engagement with other fraud prevention stakeholders, including in law enforcement and the financial sector.
  • For more information on the Fraud Prevention Professionals Working Group, contact
  • Women in Loss Prevention Network

  • The Women in Loss Prevention Network helps retail leaders advance their career and extend their professional network through year-round access to NRF programs and events, including the annual NRF Women in Loss Prevention Network Luncheon at NRF PROTECT.
  • For more information on the Women in Loss Prevention Network, contact David Johnston.

Thought leadership

  • NRF research and resources

  • NRF produces yearly surveys to help the LP community identify trends and combat retail crime like the annual Organized Retail Crime Report and National Retail Security Survey. Take advantage of NRF's leading research to help your company make the right data-driven decisions.
  • NRF LP LinkedIn group

  • Join our LP professional network on LinkedIn. With over 12,600 members, this is your social community.
  • NRF podcast

  • Subscribe to NRF’s podcast Retail Gets Real for unfiltered, insightful conversations with industry retail executives, entrepreneurs and influencers. Check out this featured podcast with NRF’s Vice President of Asset Protection and Retail Operations David Johnston for a look at organized retail crime.

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