Cybersecurity and Digital Fraud Tabletop Incident Response Exercise

A new interactive experience

The Cybersecurity and Digital Fraud Tabletop Incident Response Exercise is a half-day program designed for director level and up titles. Brought to you by NRF and The Chertoff Group, the exercise is built around a scenario where a national company detects and responds to an incident that requires the engagement of the company’s cybersecurity and fraud prevention teams, as well as other enterprise business partners. 

In this multi-stage exercise, participants will work with peers to coordinate their responses to the incident and discuss lessons learned from the scenario.

This exercise will take place Tuesday, June 4 from 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm.
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Individuals at NRF PROTECT.

How to register

This exercise is open to director level and higher retail attendees of NRF PROTECT, including members of the NRF IT Security Council and the NRF Fraud Prevention Professionals Working Group.

If you meet the qualifications, this program can be added to your onsite experience during the registration process. For questions or interest in this program, please reach out to

All individuals who request to participate, regardless of whether they can attend, will receive a copy of the exercise report written after NRF PROTECT.

Chertoff Group Exercise leaders