Celebrating loss prevention


The NRF PROTECT Awards are the highest loss prevention and asset protection recognitions in the retail industry. Nominate a peer or colleague who goes above and beyond what’s expected. Help us celebrate our successes and recognize the hard work and talent within our ranks.

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Ring of Excellence Award

The NRF’s Loss Prevention Council’s Ring of Excellence Award is the premier recognition program for loss prevention professionals. The award recognizes the lifetime of outstanding leaders whose significant achievements and contributions have undoubtedly shaped the industry. The defining quality among these leaders is that the industry would not be what it is today without their contributions. The Ring of Excellence is open to retailers, solution providers and individuals who have helped evolve the industry.

2023 Ring of Excellence Honorees:

  • Read Hayes
  • Keith White
  • Chad McIntosh
  • Joan Manson
  • Chuck Miller

Past Ring of Excellence Honorees:

2022     Alisa Dart, Van Carney
2019     Gus Downing
2018     Bob MacLea
2017     Gene Smith
2016     Joseph LaRocca
2015     Richard Mellor
2014     Daniel Doyle
2013     George Luciano
2011     John Hegan
2010     Jim Lee
2009     Gary Manson, Sandy Katz, George Slicho
2008     Doug Wicklander, Dave Zulawski, Robert Barry, James Bridges, Shelley Connors, Ben Guffy, Robert Ralickli, Joe Roessier, Fred Wilson
2007     King Rogers, Richard Hollinger, David Myers, Lew Shealy, John Christman