Scott Pethuyne

Scott Pethuyne
Scott Pethuyne
Sr. Analytics Solution Consultant
Zebra Technologies
Scott Pethuyne is a Sr. Analytics Solution Consultant with Zebra Technologies. Prior to joining Zebra, he spent over 12 years in retail asset protection. In his current role, he works with retailers to show how they can use Zebra’s analytics and inventory software solutions to combat fraud, improve accuracy & execution, and strengthen profitability.

Speaking in:

June 5
2:00 pm2:30 pm
Exhibitor Big Ideas Stage
Dive into the success story of Lowes Foods and learn how Zebra Workcloud Actionable Intelligence software has revolutionized their approach to asset protection. Hear from Carrie Rath and discover how the use of cutting-edge technology has propelled their loss prevention tactics (like POS analytics) to new heights, leading to significant year-over-year growth. Don't miss out on the key insights… Read more