Mike Jessee

Mike Jessee
Mike Jessee
Vice President - Asset Protection
Mike joined Luxottica in 2006 focused on developing investigative and counterfeit programs. He currently serves as Vice President, Asset Protection & Inventory Services for EssilorLuxottica, North America. Mike leads a talented team responsible for safety & security, fraud prevention, and loss mitigation across EssilorLuxottica’s North America businesses. Mike’s focus is on building flexible yet sustainable programs, advancing analytical capabilities, and developing best in class talent. During his time at EssilorLuxottica Mike has also earned his Master’s in Criminal Justice and MBA, while serving on the Innovate Advisory Board of the LPRC.

Speaking in:

June 5
2:45 pm3:30 pm
Metro One Stage, 104B, Level 1

The NRF Mall / Retailer Partnership Working Group has been engaging in building stronger relationships to keep our shopping environments safer and more secure. Learn some of the practices over the past year that have helped build stronger relationships and support anchor and in-line retail locations.

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