Jamie Wendell

Jamie Wendell
Jamie Wendell
Head of Customer Protection and Enforcement
Jamie is an experienced cybercrime and security lawyer. He currently leads Amazon’s Customer Protection and Enforcement (CPE) team, which is composed of top cybercrime attorneys and investigators. CPE stops criminals who exploit Amazon’s customers, sellers, vendors, and partners. Jamie oversees complex investigations into malicious schemes, builds cases against the perpetrators, and executes external enforcement strategies, including referring bad actors to law enforcement and filing strategic civil cases to dismantle the highest impact schemes. Jamie works extensively with law enforcement around the world. CPE’s work has stopped numerous fraudulent schemes, disrupted and recovered significant financial proceeds from bad actors, and led to the arrests of criminals in numerous countries.

Speaking in:

June 6
2:45 pm3:30 pm
Blue Dot Stage, 104A, Level 1

Coordinating internal and external resources to handle the detection, investigation, and disruption of large ORC networks is a challenge. Learn from some retailers how they seek intelligence, coordinate investigations, and work to bring these bad actors/criminal rings to justice.

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