Hugo Cortez

Hugo Cortez
Hugo Cortez
Field Security Manager
McDonald's Corp
Oversees the development and execution of security plans and programs which promote a safe and secure environment for our people, customers, and assets in the Southern CA, NV, AZ, NM and TX markets. Specific focus on aligning functional goals to help achieve company business objectives. Directs the management of security matters for U.S. company owned (McOpCo) restaurants and consulting services to franchisees. He also leads the Communications and Training Team who provide best security and loss prevention practices to the McDonald’s system.

From 2011 to the present, Hugo Cortez has been in the loss prevention and security industry for the last 22 years including working with Macy’s, AutoZone, Sears, Navy Exchange and now with McDonald’s. As a Field Security Manager for the last 12 years, he has supported both corporate and operator organizations with investigations, liaison with law enforcement agencies, support with protests and demonstrations, loss prevention, brand protection, life safety and de-escalating aggressive behavior, conflict resolution & dealing with homelessness in the restaurants. Hugo possesses a BS in criminal justice with LPC & CFI certifications. Hugo is a member of the RLPSA, LPF and IAI organizations.

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June 6
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Metro One Stage, 104B, Level 1
Homelessness and vulnerable populations are a growing challenge across the nation. How we handle these individuals can make a difference. It can also impact how your brand is viewed by your customers. Learn how empathy and compassion for vulnerable populations can meet the needs for safety and security of your customers and employees.