Bill Burgess

Bill Burgess
Sr. Director Security, Corporate Operations
Tanger Outlets
Bill Burgess brings over 30 years of diverse experience in security, with a career that spans military service, law enforcement, and executive protection, laying a robust foundation for his expertise in corporate security within the retail industry.

In the retail sector, Bill has skillfully applied his security expertise, and honed in environments as diverse as one of the world's largest truck manufacturing companies and big oil industry. This background underscores his exceptional ability to adapt and innovate in various industry contexts. As the Senior Director of Corporate Security at Tanger Outlets in Greensboro, NC, he adeptly tailors security strategies to the retail industry's unique challenges, ensuring the safety of assets and personnel while enhancing the shopping experience. His ability to manage complex operations and build collaborative relationships with the community, tenants, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies further exemplifies his versatile approach to security in different business environments.

In his current role, Bill focuses on innovative security solutions, emergency response planning, and risk management tailored to the retail industry, ensuring a safe shopping environment for customers and staff alike. His commitment to continuous learning and improvement is evident in his pursuit of specialized training in areas relevant to his field.

Active in community engagement, Bill's contributions extend beyond his professional duties, enriching his role in the retail sector with a broader perspective on security and customer service. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies with a concentration in Terrorism and Homeland Security from Southern New Hampshire University, Bill Burgess stands out as a seasoned professional whose varied background fortifies his leadership in retail security, demonstrating a steadfast dedication to excellence and innovation.

Speaking in:

June 5
2:45 pm3:30 pm
Metro One Stage, 104B, Level 1

The NRF Mall / Retailer Partnership Working Group has been engaging in building stronger relationships to keep our shopping environments safer and more secure. Learn some of the practices over the past year that have helped build stronger relationships and support anchor and in-line retail locations.

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