Featured Session

June 5
2:00 pm4:00 pm
Texas D

Interviewers often consider themselves sharp-witted and quick on their feet.  However, our immediate reaction to resistance or defensiveness is not generally the most effective or appropriate one.  Whether it’s arguing with your significant other, interviewing an ORC suspect or talking to a business partner it is important to balance our emotions with empathy and a strategic approach.  This session will help attendees translate the principles of investigative interviewing, de-escalation and rapport development into our everyday conversations.  Loss prevention professionals are tasked with d

June 6
2:30 pm3:15 pm
ORC impacts all retailers, big and small. Learn how two different retailers are developing ORC initiatives utilizing regional and/or existing loss prevention and asset protection resources in lieu of a specific ORC team. Led by industry  veteran John Talamo, this session will delve into training resources, coordinating investigations, and balancing ORC with daily loss prevention and asset protection needs.
June 7
9:45 am10:30 am
Violent acts are not unpredictable if you are looking and engaging appropriately with your employees. Through expert learnings of protective experts at Gavin de Becker & Associates, this session touches upon how you can engage daily with your associates to identify potential grievances and identifiers that may lead to the early stages within a pathway toward violence. Woven into the conversation are retail examples of engaging with store associates to help identify potential concerns and trauma caused by occurring acts of increased theft, threats and violence.
June 7
2:30 pm3:30 pm
Come join your peers in a moderated group table talk to discuss learnings from NRF Protect and the key topics impacting our industry. We will dive into three topics, timed at 20 minutes each, allowing individual tables and the collective group to learn in a very dynamic and interactive manner. Come prepared to discuss, and even called upon to find out how we can be better together