Ring of Excellence Award Application

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Award Background & Information 

The NRF’s Loss Prevention Council’s Ring of Excellence Award will be the premier recognition program for Loss Prevention professionals. The award recognizes outstanding leaders who have undoubtedly shaped the industry. The defining quality among these leaders is that the industry would not be what it is today without their contributions. To maintain the integrity of this prestigious recognition it is essential that the individuals nominated be of the same caliber.  


  • Induction into the Ring of Excellence is not limited to the members of the National Retail Federation but may be given to anyone who makes a meaningful contribution to the industry. 
  • Distinguished achievement may include, but is not limited to, significant contributions of lasting value to the overall industry; the leadership role provided to the industry; development of original ideas and techniques for use in the industry; and, outstanding service to other organizations serving the industry. 
  • Nominations may be made posthumously. 

The following criteria are utilized in evaluating each nominee:  

  1.  Shaped the Industry – Is/was the nominee a “pioneer”? Have his/her contributions helped to shape the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry?  
  1. Continues to Contribute to the Industry – How do the nominee’s efforts continue to contribute to the Loss Prevention industry?  
  1. Spans More Than One Aspect of the Industry – How do the nominee’s qualifications span more than one aspect of the Loss Prevention industry? How does his/her work contribute to the Loss Prevention industry, as opposed to only one segment? 
  1. Distinguished Achievement  

(1) Contributions of lasting value  
(2) Leadership role(s)  
(3) Development of new ideas, techniques, or technologies  
(4) Outstanding service to multiple organizations serving the industry  

  1. Single Most Important Contribution – In the opinion of the nominator, what is the nominee’s single most important contribution to the Loss Prevention industry? What is the significance of that contribution? 
  1. Contributions to Society – How has the nominee contributed to society in general? How has the nominee contributed to the general welfare of those outside the industry?  


The Ring of Excellence winner will have their award presented on Wednesday, June 5 at 5:00 p.m. During the NRF PROTECT 2024 conference

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