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Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship gives your company additional exposure to the retail security leaders that attend NRF PROTECT ALL ACCESS.
See our list of opportunities below and reserve yours before we sell out.

Interested in exhibiting and sponsorship?
Contact Tami Sakell, Sr. Director, Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales, (202) 661-3044.

Digital Promotions

Attendee Email Banner Ad
3 of 3 available
$1,000.00 each
Banner Ad on NRF Protect All Access Website Pages
Sold Out
Banner ad will appear on website pages, e.g. About, Who Attends, Register, etc.
Expo Hall Banners
4 of 4 available
$1,500.00 each
Banners will rotate throughout the duration of the event.
Lobby Banners
4 of 4 available
$1,500.00 each
Banners will rotate throughout the duration of the event.
NRF Protect Big Ideas Session - Case Study
Sold Out
  • NRF Protect Big Ideas are 30 minutes (20 minutes for pre-recorded content and 10 minutes for live Q&A during the initial presentation only). These run during virtual Expo time.
  • Retail co-presenter recommended but not required. Topic will need to be pre-approved by NRF
  • Ability to have 1-2 handout links available during your session
  • NRF Protect Big Ideas will run 2 days during the event (first viewing is live, second is a “re-run”) and then available On Demand for 30 days on the NRF Protect Replay landing page.
  • Ability to ask 3-5 polling questions during the live portion of session.
  • Full record of who attended your session, all survey/polling responses, and record of all chats, and Q&A, during your session
Opening Keynote Branding
1 of 1 available
Includes ability to Run Video (15 seconds) prior to the Opening Keynote
Uber Eats Digital Gift
1 of 1 available
Branding and mention during event prior to lunch break. $20 gift credit to first 100 (retailers) who register for the event.
Website Retargeting Campaign
2 of 2 available
$10,000.00 each
NRF would retarget visitors of the NRF PROTECT ALL ACCESS website and show sponsor digital banner ads. All digital assets and links will need to be provided to marketing by August 28 in order to fulfill sponsorship. Marketing will provide graphic specs. Campaign Length: 2 weeks (starts Sept. 8 and ends Sept. 21) Estimated Impression Count: 350,000 Reporting: NRF to provide number of impressions, clicks and CTR. The sponsor will be responsible for tracking conversions, since all ads will point to their own websites.