Phil Thomson

Phil Thomson
Phil Thomson
Phil is the CEO and co-founder of Auror the leading global crime intelligence software platform. After starting his career as a commercial lawyer specializing in privacy and IP, Phil was part of the founding team at Auror and now leads the globel organization. Alongside his co-founders, Phil was named a Global EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2023. Phil ensures that Auror’s products are built using privacy-by-design principles, and responsible tech frameworks.

Speaking in:

June 6
2:45 pm3:30 pm
Metro One Stage, 104B, Level 1
A.I., face matching, RFID and other technological advances create benefits and challenges to data and personal privacy. Our panel of experts will explore how LP/AP leaders can better educate themselves about these technologies, how they can leverage their knowledge with c-suite executives, and how to remain ever-vigilant about the dark side of these tools, including things such as deep fakes and… Read more