Evan Gaustad

Evan Gaustad
Sr. Director Threat Detection
Target Corporation
Evan Gaustad is a leader fraud and threat detection with over 20 years experience in Cyber Security and Fraud. He is a Sr. Director at Target leading detection, engineering, and automated response teams focused on fraud and abuse. Evan is a continuous learner with three masters degrees in Business, Cyber Security, and Machine Learning as well as three patents for cyber security and fraud solutions.

Speaking in:

June 5
9:00 am9:45 am
103, Level 1
In this talk we will discuss how all kinds of data can be combined to provide a more complete picture of potential fraud and abuse.  This talk will discuss metrics and analytics, additional techniques to extract structured data from unstructured data, and how being able to use all the various data and signals can guide where to expend resources to disrupt crime.