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Official Housing Policy


NRF has designated MCI as the ONLY official housing vendor for NRF PROTECT. In recent years, a number of attendees have informed NRF of solicitations received for housing at NRF events from groups with no affiliation with NRF.

Please beware of the following groups:

  • Adroit Travel Solutions, LLC
  • B2blistz
  • BME Business Travel
  • CBS International
  • Convention Expo Travel
  • Convention Housing Management
  • Convention Housing Services
  • Elite Corporate Planners
  • Event Connections
  • Event Plus Corporate
  • Event Travel Planners
  • Executive Management Group
  • Exhibition Housing Authority
  • Exhibitor Housing Services
  • Expedition Housing Management
  • Expo Housing
  • Global Events Group Travel
  • Global Housing Management (GHM Travel)
  • Global Housing Services
  • Global EXPO Housing
  • Golden Events or Hotel Angels
  • Group Housing Corp
  • HDMC Group
  • IEP Goup
  • International Events
  • Le Company LLC
  • National Hotels Association
  • National Travel Associates
  • ShowCoordinators
  • TradeShow Housing
  • Reasons to book rooms in the NRF block with the official housing provider:

    • Support of NRF
    • Guaranteed room rates and blocks
    • Exhibitor friendly housing terms and conditions
    • On-site staff to assist with any housing problems
    • Guaranteed access to NRF shuttles
    • Assistance in getting additional rooms in the block rooms
    • Assistance with attaining pre/post room blocks for internal company meetings or events


    Reasons not to book with anyone other than NRF’s official housing provider:

    • Hidden fees for changes or cancelations
    • Greater vulnerability to walks or displacement if the hotel oversells its room inventory
    • Hefty deposits and/or full prepayments
    • No on-site support to assist with missing reservations, deposits or walks if the hotel oversells its room inventory
    • Any housing reservations made with any company other than Wyndham Jade is not supported by NRF

    If you have booked rooms with an organization other than MCI and need assistance with getting into the NRF room block, please contact:

    800-931-9541 (US & Canada)
    972-349-5537 (International)
    Groups of 10:
    800-931-9542 (US & Canada)
    972-349-5538 (International)