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Exhibitor Media Outreach

Does your company have an important product or service announcement to make? If so, NRF PROTECT is the place to make it! Our conference provides a built-in targeted media audience for your major new product or business announcement.

Registered Media List 

NRF PROTECT receives media attention from well-known industry trade publications, national daily newspapers, news wires, and trade magazines.

Submit your PR contact information for early access to the confirmed press list. Complete this form.

All exhibitors who provide PR contact information before April 30, 2020 will receive early access to the confirmed press list. An early look at the press list will be sent by email to exhibitor PR contacts. The confirmed press list will be made available in the Exhibitor Resource Center on the NRF PROTECT website.


Additional PR Efforts

NRF is pleased to provide media contacts to NRF PROTECT exhibitors, but there’s no substitute for your own public relations efforts.

We strongly encourage you to use other options in addition to your own public relations efforts surrounding the conference, including press releases, media alerts, advanced media mailings and pitching.