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It's easy to justify why you need to be at NRF PROTECT when you use our customizable letter to clearly communicate the value of attending for you, your team and your organization.

Tailor the following text so it works for you before speaking or sending an email to your supervisor. For information on registration costs before registration opens you can email registration@nrf.com

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Individuals at NRF PROTECT.

Sample letter

Dear  ,
I am very interested in attending NRF PROTECT 2024 happening June 4-6 at the Long Beach Convention Center in California. 
The National Retail Federation is known for its support of our industry, and highly respected for their advocacy, industry insights and retail events. 

Their NRF PROTECT event is the only place that brings together all those involved in enterprise security risk management. For two and half days, loss prevention, asset protection, cybersecurity, digital fraud, legal and risk management professionals and others will all be under one roof. 

I would like to join them in gaining insights and exchanging best practices on handling today’s issues and preparing for tomorrow’s threats.

The high value and return on investment is based on several opportunities for me to:

  • Hear from experts across enterprise security risk programs, focused specifically on implementing initiatives across a retail organization
  • Participate in peer discussions, benchmark with those within and across our retail segment, learn new practices and gain ideas to bring back to our organization
  • See the latest technologies and service providers supporting my areas of responsibility while learning how others implemented innovative solutions to solve key challenges. I will also have the opportunity to connect with federal and local law enforcement agencies to discuss the current landscape. 
  • Demonstrate our company as a leader in the space that is always learning, growing and staying on top of industry trends while recognizing “what’s next” to challenge us from an enterprise security risk management perspective

Optional additional bullet points

(If you are seeking new positions)

  • Attract talent and act as an employer of choice by attending or sharing best practices

(If you seek continuing education credits for certifications)

  • Earn CEUs that would otherwise need to be obtained elsewhere to maintain industry certifications

(If you are seeking multiple team members to attend)

In addition to myself, I am seeking approval to bring ____ team members/business partners to the conference. Their attendance will allow us to continue our investment and development in our people, showcase us as a choice employer in the industry and build organizational resiliency and succession. Inviting our business partners from [INSERT DEPARTMENTS] gives us the ability to continue to collaborate in our efforts to maintain a safer, more secure and profitable organization.

The cost of attending NRF PROTECT is $_______ for registration and travel costs estimated at $____________. 
Attending in person will also allow me to continue to develop a network of trusted connections that we can call upon to help validate, benchmark and exchange ideas. Upon my return, I will provide a recap of learnings, new ideas and opportunities to benefit our program and organization.

I appreciate your consideration and thank you for your support.