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Royal Sovereign

Royal Sovereign has been a pioneer in cash management solutions for over 17 years. Royal Sovereign will be demonstrating solutions through its cash management product line: Counterfeit Detectors, Cash Counters, Coin Counters, and Smart Safe Solutions. Stop by Booth Number 544 to learn more about how you can protect your business with Royal Sovereign products!

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Royal Sovereign Bill Counter with Value Counting

Royal Sovereign High Speed Bill Counter with Value Counting
Product detail: 

Royal Sovereign's RBC-4500 electric bill counter makes bill counting more efficient while cutting down on accounting errors. The main feature of this model is its value counting feature. This feature gives you the added ability to track the cumulative value of the currency counted. Once you have sorted your bills, prior to counting, simply select the dollar denomination for each stack. As you select the next dollar denomination, this machine will produce a running total. The Ultraviolet (UV), Magnetic (MG), and Infrared (IR) counterfeit detection systems will help catch any counterfeit bills. This model has 3 speed different speeds 900, 1200 and 1400 bills per minute. Its front-load hopper can hold up to a hefty 300 bills. This model also comes with batch and add mode.

Royal Sovereign Safe Cash Collect

Royal Sovereign Smart Safe
Product detail: 

The brand-new Royal Sovereign Safe Cash Collect solution is a secure containment that combines a sealed tamper evident cash bagging system with live data and reporting software. Safe Cash Collect utilizes hyperspectral imaging, which is the latest and most secure validation technology in its class! The tamper evident bags are automatically uniquely barcoded providing full audit traceability. This will reduce, if not eliminate shrinkage at the POS, and increase productivity while greatly reducing the cost of handling cash.

Included with this safe is the ‘Live Collect’ software, which management can access that provides data and reporting detailing cash activity for real time monitoring of all locations. This allows for more efficient planning of collections by CIT, as well as allowing for quick and easy remote updates.

The Safe Cash Collect Solution gives a cash intensive operation such as Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores, Cannabis Dispensaries, Fast Food Restaurants, Department Stores, and Dollar Stores the ability to utilize technology in conjunction with the POS that was only reserved for much more expensive and dependent currency recyclers.

The return on investment is extremely fast and can be easily justified by:

  1. No more counterfeit bills passing through creating lost revenue and increasing back office manhours.
  2. Securing the cash, deterring robbery, and protecting employees as they will have no access to the cash.
  3. Increase the control of cash flow and the cash cycle.
  4. Greatly reduces the need to count cash, while increasing productivity.
  5. Potential for provisional credit for deposits.
  6. Reduce the amount of CIT pickups, as well as other less tangible benefits.