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DriMark Products
Dri Mark Products is the premier manufacturer/supplier of counterfeit detection and security products. Located in Bethpage, NY we are the original patent holder of the Counterfeit Detector Pen.  Our counterfeit detector systems and training programs offer quick, effective ways to authenticate US & international currency as well as ID's, credit cards, licenses and more. Our counterfeit detection products include: the Flash Test, Dual Test, Tri-Test, UV Pro and Counterfeit Detector Pen.
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Flash Test Counerfeit Detector

Small counterfeit detector that fits seamlessly at POP & provides 3 simple tests to authenticate genuine currency
Product detail: 
Dri Mark's Flash Test easily detects counterfeit currency at the point-of-purchase using 3 quick, simple tests.  The ink test validates the special ink at the top (on the front) of the bill. The UV light authenticates the security strip embedded in the paper currency. The backlit LED light reveals the watermark on the right side of the bill. AC adapter and instruction booklet included. Video training demo accessible via QR code on the front of the detector.

Dual Test with Coil Holder

Convenient, inexpensive two-way counterfeit detection system that detects counterfeit currency at the point-of-purchase. Easy to install coil holder keeps Dual Test readily available without taking up counter space.
Product detail: 
Dri Mark's Dual Test with Coil Holder is an easy to use, fast and effective inexpensive solution to POP counterfeit detection. Using zero counterspace, the Dual Test provides a 2-way test to detect bogus money. The high powered UV light cap reveals the embedded security strip in paper currency. The Counterfeit Detector Pen authenticates genuine paper for the paper test. Operates on 3 button cell batteries. Instruction booklet and currency sticker guide included. Video training demo available.

UV PRO with Coil Holder

High powered UV light detector authenticates genuine US paper currency and validates official ID's, licenses, credit cards and more. Easy to attach coil holder available for convenient use at point-of-purchase.
Product detail: 
Dri Mark's UV PRO detects the embedded security strip in US money and reveals the watermark on each denomination.  The high powered UV light easily validates embedded security features in ID's,  licenses, credit cards, and other forms of govenment/state issued ID's.  Easy to attach coil holder available.  Operates on 3 AAA batteries.  Instruction booklet and currency guide included.