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Sennco Solutions, Inc.

Welcome to the future of retail display security. Sennco Solutions offers breakthrough technologies that are changing the way retailers and OEM's do business. Come see how Sennco is creating an elevated shopper experience with the Sennco Smart Shelf, BricTECH Software, and Genesis Wireless Security. In addition, Sennco will be showcasing their complete Heavy Duty Lockdown line designed to provide a high level of security for your devices without compromising consumer interaction.

Stop by the booth to hear how Sennco is helping retailers increase sales and reduce shrink. Booth #1044

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The Heavy Duty Lockdown

The Heavy Duty Lockdown lineup provides the highest level of security without compromising the customer experience. The sleek but sturdy solution delivers a secure and consistent display for all current smartphones, tablets and Apple watches.
Product detail: 

Benefits & Features include: 

  • Adjustable to fit all current smartphones, tablets and Apple watches 
  • Superior mechanical design allows the sales associate to easily remove the device from the brackets Low total cost of ownership – switching just the brackets makes it versatile for all your devices
  • Simple and quick installation 
  • Heat-treated steel brackets 
  • Innovative mechanics allows the sales associate to lock the device back in place without using a key Ability to use the OEM provided charging cable to power the device

Embarssing the bad guys one theft a time

Check out real life footage of attempted thefts prevented by Sennco Solutions Heavy Duty Lockdown

Tried & True HDLD

Tried & True HDLD 2

Sennco Smart Shelf

The Sennco Smart Shelf is an integrated loss prevention, inventory control, and marketing solution that combines state of the art sensing and communications technologies to increase profit in retail stores.
Product detail: 

The Sennco Smart Shelf provides an elevated shopper experience with increased product protection.Collect insight on the trends of your shoppers and maintain accessible inventory while monitoring and protecting merchandise from potential theft. The Sennco Smart Shelf is an integrated loss prevention, inventory control, and marketing solution that combines state of the art sensing and communications technologies to increase profit in retail stores.

Unique features:

  • Automatic on-shelf inventory counting and reporting
  • Real-time alerts of low or out of stock conditions (text, PA audio or email)
  • Anti-sweep alerts to prevent and deter organized retail theft (text, PA audio or email)
  • Access at anytime, from anywhere through the Internet

Embarssing the bad guys one theft attempt at a time 

Check out live footage of the Sennco Smart Shelf detterring theives

Sennco & Tally Deterred

Learn more about the solution that is disrupting our market

Sennco SmartSHELF

BricTECH Software Technology

BricTECH®, a proven persistent software on over 1 billion endpoints. BricTECH ®can do everything from the simple and effective power loss lock, to visibility with software compliance and even investigative services on a global scale.
Product detail: 

BricTECH Protection

Ultimate Customer Experience

  • No security hardware needed – BricTECH can be added on any demo device regardless of hardware
  • Encourage optimal consumer interaction
  • Allow the device to be the center of attention and the star of the display

Power Loss Lock

  • Power Loss Lock feature will lock a device when power loss is detected
  • Lock is persistent and will remain locked through factory reset or device wipe
  • Active and passive deterrence
  • Customizable lock screen and lock timing (example: 10 second lock delay)
  • Audible alarm is available for Android devices
  • Create internal and external awareness
  • Power Loss Lock is not dependent on WIFI/connectivity

Geofence Lock

  • Geofence feature will lock a device when a device moves outside of a predefined area. Sennco monitors and locks devices that break a Geofence
  • Customizable lock screen and lock timing
  • Customizable alerts to store personnel
  • Audible alarm is available for Android devices

BricTECH Visibilty

Display Visibility

  • Monitor product launches
  • Monitor models on display
  • Report compliance
  • Identify non-compliant locations

Software Compliance

  • Confirm retail demo software compliance
  • Manage app compliance
  • Identify non-compliant devices
  • Remotely push updates to all devices

Genesis Wireless Security System

The Genesis System is designed to deliver an optimal customer experience by allowing consumers to interact with displayed merchandise without the obstruction of security measures.
Product detail: 



  • Sennco’s patented quick disconnect empowers the sales associate to engage the consumer and provide the most personalized in-store experience
  • Patented proximity detection technology gives the consumer the opportunity to “test drive” multiple devices without the restriction of a tether
  • Wireless technology gives sales representatives the opportunity to cross-merchandise
  • Small footprint allows your merchandise to be the star of the display


  • A single Main Alarm will secure up to 100 displayed devices
  • If a device is stolen, alarm will sound on the centralized Main Alarm and on the stolen device itself
  • Asset protection from four angles:
    1. Aircraft cable embedded tether for a visual deterrent
    2. Alarm will sound if the power cable is disconnected or severed
    3. Alarm will sound if the sensor head is pried off of the device
    4. Alarm will sound if the device is removed from the secure proximity


Track number of Interactions by product, device, and brand

  • Determine conversion rate by product, device, or OEM

Track dwell time of each Interaction on your planogram

  • Report on the average interaction time by device and predict trends to forecast consumer demand

Track date and time of Interactions on your planogram

  • Increase productivity and maximize operations cost by managing resources and applying proper staffing levels

Compare Interactions to marketing spend

  • Use interaction data to help evaluate the ROI for company spend on Marketing and Advertising

Alarm notifications can be sent via text message or email to appropriate personnel

  • Real-time notifications will report the store, the type of alarm triggered, and the device in alarm


"I have experienced a significant increase in sales on the phones protected by Sennco’s Genesis System. I will now be using Genesis to secure all of my phones in store, including Apple products…Please know I have been very impressed not only with your product but also with the customer service and the speed in which your team responds to questions that have arisen. Thank you for providing a product that has truly satisfied all of my requirements." 

Karim Chagani, Cellular Carrier General Manager

Click here to watch a case study video our Genesis Wireless Security System.