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Tom Meehan


ControlTek USA
Tom Meehan, CFI, is a leading loss prevention expert in all things cybersecurity and information technology. He is the chief strategy officer and chief information security officer at CONTROLTEK, the retail technology editor at Loss Prevention Magazine and the co-host of the Loss Prevention Research Council podcast CrimeScience. His industry influence is also present through his roles as Sr. Technology Advisor, board member and Innovation Team Chair with the Loss Prevention Research Council.

Prior to joining CONTROLTEK Tom was director of technology and investigations with Bloomingdale’s, where he was responsible for physical security, internal investigations, asset protection systems and data analytics. Prior to his 13-year tenure at Bloomingdale’s, he worked for Home Depot in loss prevention, and has had various technology, loss prevention, and operational roles at several other companies.

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Tuesday Sep 22
2:15 - 2:45 PM

Some of the most imminent digital and physical threats facing retailers now originate on social, deep, and dark web sources online-some of which are notoriously difficult to access and integrate into security processes.

Retailers require... Read more