Tae Kim

Tae Kim
Sr. Manager, Cyber Threat Intelligence & Hunting
Albertsons Company Inc.
Tae has over 22-years of experience in intelligence within the private sector and the Central Intelligence Agency. Since joining Albertsons, he started an intelligence-led security efforts within the company through initiating cyber fraud, threat intelligence, threat hunting, insider threat, and other programs. Prior to joining Albertsons, he was at Mandiant in an advisory role for threat intelligence and security operations. Prior to Mandiant, he spent time at Capital One in helping to build and mature their threat intelligence teams. During his time at the CIA, he built and led a program to collect information against state and non-government cyber actors. He also participated in various high-profile cyber investigations, spoke at conferences and briefings to senior level U.S. and foreign government officials. As a side project, Tae consulted with a now defunct video game company to write the back story and a book for an AAA video game.

Speaking in:

June 6
2:30 pm3:15 pm
Texas 4
In this session, security leaders will discuss the value that cybersecurity programs and industry partnerships bring to their organizations. Whether it is understanding the unique threats across food and fuel retail, or maximizing the strength of a small team, sharing intelligence can help teams understand how cyber fraud influences physical security, reputational harm, and financial loss.