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Rod Wheeler


Law Enforcement-Crime Analyst/Contributor & Founder & CEO
Global Food Defense Institute
For over 15 years, Rod has served as a Senior Law Enforcement Analyst/ Contributor for the Fox News Channel, as well as served as a subject matter expert for all things involving Terrorism and Crime. Rod has provided millions of TV viewers with expert analysis and examination.

Rod is also the Founder and CEO of The Global Food Defense Institute, which serves the food, agricultural and chemical industry in protecting products against intentional, deliberate acts of tampering and adulteration.

He has served as Homeland Security; Food Defense Subject Matter Expert for a US based international organization. Rod’s stellar career has allowed him to develop and conduct numerous training and educational programs for the food, agricultural and chemical industry to protect products from intentional contamination and adulteration. Previously, while serving as Director of Emergency Preparedness and Food Defense with the Food Products Association, Rod created and developed an entire series of food defense programs to support food processing, manufacturing and retail corporations implement of food safety and security plans, procedures, guidelines and food tampering investigations. Rod has conducted over 500 Physical Security Vulnerability Assessments and have written dozens of food defense and crisis management plans for corporations large and small. Rod also co-authored the Official Guide to Food Defense and Facility Protection.

Rod is active or has previously served as a member of the American Society of Criminology, Association of Contingency Planners, National Association of Crime Analyst, National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice, The National Association of Investigative Specialist, The American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers, The International Public Safety Association and the past chairman of the Food Defense Security Council of ASIS.

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Tuesday Jun 12
7:00 - 8:00 AM
Room: Texas C

After serving several years as a street hardened, tough homicide detective on the streets of Southeast Washington DC, Rod Wheeler made a transition to the private sector. His focus, Terrorism and Homeland Security. Having worked with dozens of... Read more