Pam Sweeney

Pam Sweeney
PamSweeneyConsulting, LLC
Pam Sweeney is a highly motivated professional and forward-thinking Senior leader with 30 years of retail leadership and management experience. Pam has held various positions within Macy’s, Inc. in Distribution Center Operations, Warehousing, Inventory Management, Technology, Product Development, and Program Governance. Prior to leaving Macy's, Pam held the position of SVP/VP, Supply Chain Systems and Program Governance. She has been recognized in the Retail Industry with numerous awards including 2018 Top Ten Women in Retail Technology, 2017 Retail TouchPoints Innovator Award Winner and 2016 RFID Journal Special Achievement Award. Pam is currently providing consulting and advisory services in Supply Chain and RFID adoption.

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June 6
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Retailers have traditionally leaned hard on POS data to guide their assessments of when, where, how and how much theft is occurring in each of their stores.  But this standard approach has obvious flaws. In the latest NRF/LPRC research study, retailers identified improvements in analytic and investigative capabilities as their most pressing needs. One way retailers can correct this is by… Read more