Nicholas Elwell

Nicholas Elwell
Nicholas Elwell
Manager, Burlington Response & Investigation Center
Burlington Stores, Inc
Nick Elwell is a distinguished leader in asset protection and risk management renowned for his expertise in establishing and leading Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) across diverse industries. With a primary focus on conducting rigorous incident investigations and root cause analyses, Nick has a proven track record of identifying systemic weaknesses and implementing targeted corrective measures to enhance organizational resilience. Through his strategic initiatives, he empowers teams to minimize vulnerabilities and protect valuable assets effectively. Nick's commitment to fostering a culture of preparedness and compliance with regulations ensures that organizations are well-equipped to navigate emergent threats with precision and confidence.

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June 5
2:45 pm3:30 pm

Burlington has re-envisioned processes beginning with the ground-up establishment of its SOC, automating once-manual tools, visualizing data and taking investigations to the next level. Join two of the key players at Burlington’s who built and integrated this series of new services and partnerships, as they share how they’re bringing together the SOC and thier internal investigations team to… Read more