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Nathan Niese

Nathan Niese
Director, Digital Asset Protection
Gap Inc.
Nathan Niese is the Director of Digital Asset Protection for Gap Inc. and has over twenty-one years’ experience in the Asset Protection field. While at Gap Inc. he has built and supported Asset Protection programs for Distribution /Fulfillment Center and Domestic and International e-Commerce /Omnichannel. In his current role, he is responsible for e-Commerce, Cyber, and Omnichannel losses for internal and external threats. Here, he focuses his efforts around leveraging the skills of cross-departmental teams to develop innovative solutions that achieve significant financial improvements and create a safe and secure employee and customer environment.

Speaking in:

June 22
9:15 am9:45 am
Room 26A

Abuse of return policies, promotional codes, loyalty programs, and more has been growing, and fraud departments often are dealing with the mess. Bad actors are coordinating on public forums to share and sell abuse methods and promotional codes, which has significantly increased these types of abuse and impacted retailers' profits. To attack the problem, fraud departments must work with other… Read more