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Kelly Sayre


Founder & President
Diamond Arrow Group
Kelly Sayre is a wife, mother, sister, daughter & friend. She is also someone who believes that all women can learn how to be more situationally aware to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. She took self-defense classes, firearm safety courses and browsed all the tools marketed to women to carry for protection, but what she couldn’t find was someone talking to women about how to spot a potentially dangerous situation BEFORE it happened. That’s when Diamond Arrow Group was born. Kelly has spent many hours researching resources targeted to military and law enforcement personnel and applied their teachings to the real world, specifically focused on women. Kelly is married to a law enforcement officer, has two boys and a very large Great Dane. She enjoys a great glass of Pinot Noir and deep conversation.

Speaking in:

Wednesday Jun 12
12:00 - 1:30 PM
204 B, Level 2

With all the decisions needing to be made every day, it’s impossible to stop and analyze every detail before taking action. That’s where intuition comes in. It might be... Read more