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Jose A. Gomez

Jose A.

Global Director, Loss Prevention
Forever21 Company
Jose A. Gomez is a loss prevention professional working as a Global Director at Forever21 Company. In this role, Mr. Gomez provides solutions at a global level, as well as expertise in all aspects of the loss prevention field, including procurement, risk management, and operations in US, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asian markets. Mr. Gomez is a firm believer of teamwork, efficiency, and capital expenditures.

Prior to starting his role in the current company, Mr. Gomez experiences include homeland security, commercial route, wireless industry, and restaurant operations.

Mr. Gomez has experience participating in the company’s decision making process, allocation of resources, and profit and loss programs. Experiences include managing budgets as high as $15 million dollars.

Mr. Gomez has driven loss prevention programs that resulted in the reduction of shrink, ranging from 8.4% to .07% in various industries throughout the companies.

Jose A. Gomez is qualified loss prevention professional with over 35 years’ experience in the field, and holds several industry awards to include networking partnerships, and a Bachelor’s Degree of Criminal Justice administration from San Diego State University.

Speaking in:

Wednesday Jun 13
10:30 - 11:15 AM
Room: Texas 5

This session is suited for an EXPERIENCED loss prevention or asset protection professional.

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