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Guy Yehiav


Zebra Analytics
Guy Yehiav is the CEO of Profitect. Prior to Profitect, Guy was VP of Sales & Strategy for Oracle’s Value Chain Planning Solutions. He was responsible for sales, strategy and customer success. Guy also founded Demantra US, a leading global provider of demand-driven planning solutions, acquired by Oracle in 2006. Previously, he directed the Global Professional Service Group overseeing creating methodologies and infrastructure through value chain transformations, enabling demand driven and seamless operations for Fortune 1000 companies.

Speaking in:

Wednesday Jun 12
11:15 - 11:45 AM
EXPO, Hall A, rear of aisle 600
In this session, Designer Brands (formerly known as DSW, Inc.) asset protection leaders Adam Gilvin and Scott Pethuyne will discuss how prescriptive analytics is the cornerstone of Designer Brands’ overall asset protection strategy. The... Read more