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Eric Balish

Eric Balish
Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge
United States Secret Service – Cleveland Field Office
Eric is the Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge for the United States Secret Service, Cleveland Field Office. Eric supervises a team whose responsibilities include investigating a wide range of financial crimes occurring on a local, state, national, or international level.

Previously, Eric worked in the Cleveland Field Office, Electronic Crimes Task Force, where he investigated network intrusion cases, performed digital media forensic examinations, and testified as an expert witness in these complexed investigations.

Eric was also assigned to the Technical Security Division in Washington, DC where Eric was responsible for identifying physical and technical hazards that may be a threat to the President, Vice President, or other foreign heads of state visiting the US.

Eric is a native of Cleveland, OH. He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from John Carroll University, in University Heights, OH before joining the Secret Service.

Speaking in:

June 22
2:30 pm3:15 pm
Room 26A

Retail and other consumer companies face a broad and ongoing set of direct cyber threats. Including new cyberfraud tactics by Russian cybercrime groups, digital skimming, account takeover operations, and point-of-sale malware. They are also increasingly vulnerable to general cyber threats (ransomware, business email compromise) and third-party incidents and breaches. This expert panel will… Read more