Dr. Read Hayes

Dr. Read Hayes
Dr. Read Hayes
Research Scientist/Criminologist
University of Florida and LPRC
Read Hayes, PhD is a Research Scientist/Criminologist at the University of Florida, and Director of the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC). The LPRC includes 76 major retail corporations, multiple law enforcement leaders, trade associations, and over 100 protective solution/tech partners working together year-round in the field, in VR, and in sim labs with scientists and practitioners to increase people and place safety by reducing theft, fraud, and violence using better process and smart technologies. Dr. Hayes is a media source for the NYT, Washington Post, Bloomberg Business, Wall Street Journal, CNN, NPR, FoxNews, NBC, CBS, USA Today, and the BBC. rrhayes@ufl.edu ; website: lpresearch.org

Speaking in:

June 6
7:45 am8:15 am
Texas 4
Retailers have traditionally leaned hard on POS data to guide their assessments of when, where, how and how much theft is occurring in each of their stores.  But this standard approach has obvious flaws. In the latest NRF/LPRC research study, retailers identified improvements in analytic and investigative capabilities as their most pressing needs. One way retailers can correct this is by… Read more
June 7
11:30 am12:00 pm
Exhibitor Big Ideas Stage
With annual shrink exceeding $94.5 B, loss prevention is top of mind for all retailers. For some organizations, the solutions created to identify and to deter bad actors can also create a poor experience for your customers.  Join our panel as we discuss how you can use the latest technology to sense, analyze and act to make the network protecting the shopping experience safer and seamless for… Read more