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Brett Abbott


Senior Corporate Security Manager
Brett Abbott, Senior Corporate Security Manager at Target Corporation, is responsible for the Global Crisis Management and Global Intelligence teams located in Minneapolis, MN.

Brett started with Target as an Executive Team Leader for Assets Protection in 2006. In this role he focused on physical security, operations, investigations, shortage, theft and fraud. He later transitioned into an Assets Protection Business Partner role in the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana market acting as a subject matter expert for store leaders.

In 2012, Mr. Abbott transitioned to a Corporate Security Senior Business Partner roll at Target Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. In this roll, Mr. Abbott focused on technology strategies, system stability, and cost effectiveness. Mr. Abbott also led a video analytics team designed to provide video-based insights to internal headquarters partners; enabling teams to make data-based decisions related company strategies.

In 2015, Mr. Abbott moved to the Enterprise Strategy team at Target. Here, Mr. Abbott oversaw the integration of security capabilities into future corporate strategies.

In January 2016, Mr. Abbott began leading the Corporate Command Center (C3) team, focused on strategy and operations. In this role, Mr. Abbott led a team of nine Senior Corporate Security Technicians and two Lead Specialists who prepare and respond to any potential disruption to Target’s operations and assets. The monitoring and response ranges from routine, low impact incidents, to major disasters, natural or manmade.

In 2018, Mr. Abbott gained the additional responsibilities of Global Intelligence and Travel Security, managed by two Sr. Consultants/Analysts, Target’s Crisis Preparedness Program led by a Sr. Consultant, and a Corporate Security Manger to lead the (C3) team and daily operations.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice for Gannon University and a Master’s degree from the University of MN in Security Technologies.

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Thursday Jun 13
10:30 - 11:15 AM
204 B, Level 2

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