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Arshad Somani


Cyber Security Analyst
Global Resilience Federation
Arshad Somani joined the Global Resilience Federation (GRF) in July of 2015. As a cyber security analyst, Arshad is responsible for the facilitation of sharing across the multiple ISAC/ISAO’s that GRF supports, with specific community support for the Retail Sector. Arshad’s work has focused mainly on bridging the gap in cross-sector intelligence sharing amongst GRF communities, other sharing entities and the public sector.

Speaking in:

Thursday Jun 13
2:30 - 3:15 PM
201 D, Level 2

How do I hack thee, let me count the ways: Phishing employee emails; POS systems; store networks; corporate networks; and payment processors are just the start of the list. A chain of stores distributed over wide geographic areas makes it a... Read more