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Crash course on containing crises

Wednesday, June 13
Texas 1
Crash course on containing crises

This session is suited for an EXPERIENCED loss prevention or asset protection professional.

In today's real-time world, businesses need to be prepared to manage crises with strategies that are proactive, transparent and accountable. Executives need to fight negative viral criticism with equally viral communication skills. Risk and safety professionals need to have a seat at the table - prepared to offer their knowledge and  expertise in the face of this, a pressure cooker situation.  Dale Weiss, SVP, CommCore Consulting Group will conduct an interactive workshop designed to help attendees hone their radar of potential crisis, measure response effectiveness, and prepare all involved to minimize risk and maximize the company's reputation. 

Learn to:

  • gain a better understanding of what a company may face and how they should respond
  • develop skills that allow faster recognition of issues and faster reaction times
  • prepare so that when a crisis arises there is a place to begin

This session brought to you by:   FMI

, Vice President, Asset Protection
, Wakefern Food Corp.
, Senior Vice President
, CommCore