Business Intelligence


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3xLOGIC™ is a leading innovator and provider of security hardware, software, and cloud-based solutions that drive business intelligence, for customers around the globe. 3xLOGIC’s solutions go beyond s ...


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Centific is a global leader in digital services that delivers industry-tailored solutions by unifying data, intelligence, and human-centric experiences to solve the most complex business chall ...

Clickit Inc.

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ClickIT is a technology innovation leader creating solutions that help retailers improve security and business performance. ClickIt offers a diverse set of video products including hardware, so ...


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<span style="color: rgb(23, 43, 77); font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, " segoe="" ui",="" roboto,="" "noto="" sans",="" ubuntu,="" "droid="" "helvetica="" neue",="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 14px;="" background-color:="" rgb(255,="" 255,="" 255);"="">Esri provides the world’s most powerful mapping and spatial analytics software. Our product, ArcGIS applies The Science of Where to connect everyone, everywhere through a common visual language. It combines mapping and analytics to reveal deeper insight into data. For Retailers, ArcGiS extends the key capabilities retailers need to understand why things happen where they do. Every transaction in retail happens in a specific place for a reason. Using ArcGIS, leading retailers find hidden insights in their data, enabling them to understand their customers and their enterprise.


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LBMC is a 2023 Forbes Top Recommended Firm, one of the Southeast’s largest accounting and business consulting firms and a Top 35 firm in the nation serving approximately 10,000 clients with diverse ne ...


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Milesight is a fast-growing high-tech company delivering smart IoT and video surveillance products with a focus on IoT technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, 5G and LoRaWAN, since 2011. With ...