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Tala Security, Inc.


Tala Security, Inc.
Tala Security, Inc.
Booth # 976
Fremont, CA
United States

Tala provides the most advanced security for retail websites.

Tala helps online retailers defend their websites againstMagecart (formjacking), supply chain and third-party Javascript attacks, and client-side malware attacks. By deploying Tala, online retailers can prevent hackers from skimming their users' sensitive personal (e.g., PII data) and financial data (e.g., credit card information). Tala also also blocks competitor ads and redirection attacks, thereby increasing online conversion rates.

Based in Fremont California, Tala is led by industry veterans with multiple decades of security industry experience. We are backed by leading investors in cybersecurity including TechOperators, Jackson Square Ventures and a number of security industry executives.

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Products & Services Categories: Cloud Security, Mobile Enterprise, Online Fraud Protection