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Sennco Solutions, Inc.


Sennco Solutions, Inc.
Sennco Solutions, Inc.
Booth # 1044
Plainfield, IL
United States

Welcome to the future of retail display security. Sennco Solutions offers breakthrough technologies that are changing the way retailers and OEM's do business. Come see how Sennco is creating an elevated shopper experience with the Sennco Smart Shelf, BricTECH Software, and Genesis Wireless Security. In addition, Sennco will be showcasing their complete Heavy Duty Lockdown line designed to provide a high level of security for your devices without compromising consumer interaction.

Stop by the booth to hear how Sennco is helping retailers increase sales and reduce shrink. Booth #1044


Sennco Smart Shelf

The Sennco Smart Shelf is an integrated loss prevention, inventory control, and marketing solution that combines state of the art sensing and communications technologies to increase profit in retail stores.