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Sekura Global LLC


Sekura Global LLC
Booth # 310
New York, NY
United States

Save Loss

We are focused on helping you reduce shrink in your stores. Providing tried and tested EAS technology, Sekura Global has built strong working relationships with retailers around the world. Read our most recent case studies here and find out what Sekura can do for you.

Save Time

As well as helping to reduce your shrink levels, Sekura Global can help you save time. Our flagship solutions have been designed with time-saving in mind. The Sekura Self-Retracting BoxGrip can save store colleagues 59.5% of time, compared to standard wrap tags, saving retailers’ a fortune in labour costs. We know that every second saved on the shop floor translates to an increase in profits, so we are always trying to save your valuable time.

With Sekura, you’re in safe hands

The award-winning Sekura SlideTag has been found to be 82% faster to apply and remove, when compared with standard pin tags, and has the additional benefit of eliminating pin-related injuries from your stores. This amazing innovation combines speed and safety in a one-piece solution, helping you reduce risk while you reduce your losses.