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Se-Kure Controls, Inc.


Se-Kure Controls, Inc.
Franklin Park, IL
United States

Se-Kure Controls is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art safety and security products designed to reduce theft and create a safer workplace.  We have three US manufacturing plants enabling us to control quality and cost.  With the rapid proliferation of tablets and mobile phones, we have designed products that will address their power and security requirements.  Our Vantage II Merchandise Display System offers the ability to electronically protect handsets and tablets, while providing power to them so that your customers can experience their full functionality.  Our alarms can provide the needed power to the Vantage II System, through a single electrical outlet, enabling retailers to attractively and simply display “live” products their customers can examine but not steal.  The Vantage II System is available in a variety of colors and sizes, with recoilers and without, as well as offering grippers and lock-down capabilities for high risk locations.  Products include those designed to protect displayed handbags, peg hook locks, EAS hard tags, security shoe coils, mechanical cables, recoiling devices and a variety of safety and security mirrors and domes.