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Raptor Vision
Raptor Vision
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RaptorVision’s Retail Solution is the most innovative, patented technology on the market to deter Shoplifting and Organized Retail Crime sweeps while increasing the Customer Experience and Employee Safety. We are NOT a tool for loitering, dwell time, line crossing, heat mapping or any other analytic on the market. RaptorVision is truly unique and differnetiates from any other technology.

RaptorVision is always watching, always analyzing and providing active alerts & notifications in Real-Time. This allows your staff to be more focused on their duties and objectives knowing they will only be alerted if needed. Additionally, RaptorVision technology can be fully leveraged in your other vertical markets: Commercial, Government, Healthcre, Industrial, Residential and many others.

We provide Cloud/Hybrid-based solutions and a configurable rules engine that provides multiple output notification and integration options with many other systems to maximize existing video management and other systems. Integrated relevant data, event categorization and the accompanying video snippets provide video verifications and event documentation.