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Primera Technology
Primera Technology
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Plymouth, MN
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The Future in Loss Prevention Begins with Kenco®-LP

With over 38 years of experience manufacturing and supplying retailers with labels and tags, Kenco® has developed and patented a new retail device to save you time and return profits to your organization. The new Kenco®-LP tag is a highly cost-effective, tamper-proof, easy-to-implement security device that eliminates virtually every opportunity for abuse or deception. When combined with the Primera color label printer, the resulting system solves a significant portion of the retail shrinkage problem.

About Primera

Headquartered in Minnesota, Primera Technology, Inc. is one of the world's leading specialty printer manufacturers. Its products are sold worldwide through Primera Authorized Resellers and Distributors in more than 200 countries and territories.

About Kenco® Label & Tag Co., LLC

Kenco® is an advanced label and tag manufacturer located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company sets itself apart by constantly innovating through its focus on research and development and offering a large variety of inkjet, thermal, laser and other custom labels for retail, manufacturing and the business community.