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OSINT Combine
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Open Source Intelligence for Retail Investigations

At OSINT Combine, we are committed to the innovation of open source intelligence by providing leading edge technology solutions and unparalleled expertise. Our mission is to develop enduring open source intelligence capability within strategically orientated organizations, and are trusted by federal law enforcement, national security agencies, global banks and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

NexusXplore is an AI-enabled, investigation-agnostic software platform built by intelligence industry experts at OSINT Combine. NexusXplore optimizes investigative workflows and enhances a retailer's ability to illuminate insights, supporting asset protection and crime prevention in a low-attribution environment.

The platform provides advanced search and collection capabilities across the surface, deep and dark webs in a single user interface. It delivers speed by seamlessly combining thousands of commercially and publicly available datasets in a secure, browser-based ecosystem – all you need is an internet connection. Find out more: info@osintcombine.com