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For more than a decade, organizations of all sizes have relied on NC4 to be their eyes and ears around the globe to better protect their assets, operations, and employees. NC4 Risk Center's high-quality, actionable alerts have supported security, business continuity, corporate travel, supply chain, and other daily operations, helping organizations collect, manage, and share information, dramatically increasing the ability to respond to risks that threaten their people and organizations. NC4 leverages its cutting-edge technologies to bring users a highly-customized presentation of relevant, timely information in a single, easy-to-use solution, providing organizations with the ability to stay ahead of the crisis.


NC4 Risk Center

NC4 Risk Center is the leading solution for global, real-time incident monitoring and risk mitigation. Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, manufacturing & commercial enterprises, global organizations and financial institutions rely on Risk Center.

NC4 Signal

NC4 Signal™ is an Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tool that is designed to filter through the endless flow of information across the web, and presents you with a customized stream of rich, relevant data in real-time.