IRLAB Limited

IRLAB Limited
IRLAB Limited
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Shenzhen, Guang Dong

Since 1992, from Taiwan, IRLAB always focus on video capture and display products’ design and manufacturing in CCTV industry, including Public View Monitor(PVM), HDMI Camera, IP Camera, HD-SDI Camera etc., we can provide OEM and one-stop ODM services for customers at home and abroad.

We provide PVM built-in AI camera with different functions to meet different customers' needs, from the original to the most advanced: Original Series: Monitoring Video Only
Basic Series: Picture Ad& Monitoring Video Display Switchable
Standard Series: Picture Ad/ Video Ad& Monitoring Video Displayed in Same Screen
Advanced Series: Digital Signage+ Monitoring Video

Our HDMI output camera which can be directly connected to devices with HDMI interface and provide HD video, no any delay.