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Indyme Solutions, Inc


Indyme Solutions, Inc
Booth # 1119
San Diego, CA
United States
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Indyme Solutions is the industry leader in customer engagement and loss prevention technology serving the retail industry. Indyme prevents theft with Smart Sense®, our sensor technology that understands shopper behaviors and can react to suspicious events, leaving thieves empty-handed.

Empower store teams to reduce shrink and increase sales, by providing real-time awareness of store events (potential sweeps, suspicious merchandise activity, and unexpected door openings). Promptly direct sales associates to shoppers in need of assistance, and increase customer satisfaction and sales. With Indyme’s fitting room solutions, monitor fitting room occupancy and usage statistics.

Indyme’s products are installed in 25,000+ stores, representing the world's most recognizable retail brands.




SmartDome is equipped with a Passive Infrared (PIR)-motion sensor, which intelligently detects the presence of people in a specified area. It has flashing, red LED lights and audible local chime or message when presence is detected.


A Public View Monitor (PVM) reacts to the area it is monitoring. The Smart PVM™ utilizes a network of low cost sensors to intelligently switch between branding/marketing content and live camera feed, triggered by suspicious events.

Smart Sense Dwell®

Smart Sense Dwell is equipped with a Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor, which detects the presence of people in a specified area. Once it detects prolonged presence, it instantly notifies store teams through existing communication channels.