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Gunnebo/Hamilton Safe


Gunnebo/Hamilton Safe
Booth # 541
Cincinnati, OH
United States
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Gunnebo is a leading provider of cash management solutions that reduce costs, prevent risks for theft and robbery, and improve the efficiency of cash processes across operations. Gunnebo offers front-end and back-office solutions for deposit, dispensing and recycling of notes and coins, coin roll systems, closed cash management, drive-up systems, medical and pharmacy safes, and application and monitoring software. The solutions are for all types of retailers wanting to improve their business and the experience of those who deal with cash everyday - cashiers, customers and store managers.


SafePay Complete

SafePay Complete is a closed-loop cash management solution to automate and secure the handling of cash - from checkout through the back office to the cash processing center. It is a highly secure and efficient way to manage cash in any type of store.

SafeRecycling RS7 Lite

SafeRecycling RS7 Lite is a compact, self-service cash recycling solution for notes and coins in one complete terminal. The solution provides fast, efficient processing of large cash volumes, increasing efficiencies and security in retail operations.

Cash Control

Cash Control is an integrated online management tool that synchronizes all Cash Management units and provides real-time information of cash operations. The web-based application also connects to CIT systems to optimize pick-up and delivery routines.