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Booth # 813
Evanston, IL
United States

Scannel, as one of the GIGA-TMS branding, was established to provide automation solutions using RFID technology in the fields of retail, manufacturing, logistics, health care, etc. Our products and services can be used in various applications such as inventory control, asset tracking, supply chain management, production management, and many more.

We provide consultation, design, and OEM/ODM manufacturing of RFID products and systems to incorporate with IoT and Industry 4.0 concepts for our partners who wish to increase efficiency in the workplace while reducing unnecessary expenditures.

Our goal is to promote and educate people about RFID technology by creating user friendly, innovative, and effective products and services that will help our partners in achieving true automation process for every business activity.



TS100A provides users with a Plug & Play UHF RFID device for easy retail integration. Its stand-alone read / write feature with barcode scanner compatibility allows you to save integration costs & increase efficiency.