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Garda Retail Technologies

Garda Retail Technologies
Garda Retail Technologies
Booth # 7041
Anaheim, CA
United States
Garda Retail Technologies mission is to provide well-crafted and innovative solutions that meet the needs of our retail clients. It is our goal to employ only the most talented installers who are encouraged to innovate and solve problems that face the construction industry today. We continually strive to offer products that are best in class and proven to meet the rigorous requirements set forth by the current marketplace.
The number one cause of inventory shrink around the world is shoplifting. ITAB and Garda Retail Technologies have implemented solutions to control the entrance and exit traffic flow to limit shoplifters from stealing full shopping carts of merchandise. They have done so with ITAB’s AlphaGate! The AlphaGate helps limit “pushout theft” which has significantly increased over the last 5 years. The technology allows retailers to retain its merchandise and keep it from leaving the store unpurchased. This allows businesses to keep growing its prices low and its profit margins high.