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Evolv Technology


Evolv Technology
Booth # 887
Waltham, MA
United States

Our mission is to end the global active shooter and terrorist threat without making people choose between safety and convenience. Evolv Technology protects against active shooter and terrorist attacks, making environments safe without inconveniencing visitors. Evolv’s proven technology distinguishes threats from everyday items to eliminate lines, false alarms and bag searches. We leverage state-of-the-art sensors and AI to quickly detect threats and prevent attacks before they can occur. Unlike traditional security products that were never designed to efficiently screen masses of people to detect today’s threats, Evolv’s advanced technology solutions are the mission-tested gold standard for frictionless, seamless, effective visitor security. Through ongoing machine learning, we continuously update our products with the latest advances to screen people quickly and seamlessly, enabling our customers to assure safe, welcoming spaces.


Evolv Edge

The next generation intelligent weapons-sensing system:
-Screens for identity and threats.
-Designed for rapid deployment in temporary or traditional security checkpoints.
-Portable and easily relocatable.