Dexilon Automation SL

Dexilon Automation SL
Dexilon Automation SL
Booth # 333
Picanya, Valencia

For more than 25 years Dexilon has been at the forefront of innovation in the EAS industry. Our AM, RF, RFID systems and APPs all connect to the cloud delivering real time information and advising of any unexpected situation. 

Dexilon offers a series of RFID readers, antennas and software to in- crease productivity for a variety of retail applications. By using Dexilon, organizations benefit from the expertise of engineers who have been designing systems for retail for years.
Dexilon RFID is flexible. Our readers, antennas and software work like bricks which can be deployed and adapted to any need. It is this flexible approach what makes Dexilon RFID the perfect solution for retail applications for any use case.

We are developpers, we make things.